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How to Schedule a Free USPS Package Pickup Right At Your Front Door

Scheduling a USPS package pickup is simple.  It takes only minutes to make the request and best of all it’s FREE! That’s right, I said FREE!  Follow the steps below to enter your pickup request online and you are on your way.  Let’s get started.

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signGo to the United States Post Office website. USPS.COM

In the top right corner click on REGISTER/SIGN IN.  


Click SIGN IN. 

( If you do not have a username and password CLICK HERE to learn how to register)


NOTE:  If you have signed in previously on the same computer your password will be saved. 

bIn the top pull-down menu click on

MAIL & SHIP and choose schedule A PICKUP. 



Your next screen will bring you to your contact information.  Make sure the correct address is listed.  If everything looks good scroll to the bottom of this section and click on Check Availability.  

NOTE: Because you have registered already, this site will pick up your name and address.  SWEET! No need to enter this information every time you request a pick-up.




Under the text “ Where should we look for your shipment” you will see a pull-down menu that states, “ MY SHIPMENT WILL BE….


In this field you will choose the location will your package(s) will be left for the postman.

NOTE: Optional Additional Instructions.

This is a note for your postal carrier.  You can enter additional instructions for pickup of your packages.  You can leave this field blank.  

I use this field to let my mail carrier know to open the front door into my mudroom to get my packages.


Under “What time should we pick up?”

I always click on “During your regular mail delivery


If your package is time sensitive the post office does offer an express pickup.  If you choose “specify a pickup window” you can determine when the package(s) will be picked up.  



Check Calendar to see if the delivery days you desire are available.

Click on the date in the calendar when you would like to request a pick-up


NOTE: After a date is selected make sure the date on the calendar is dark blue and is shown as selected.  


Now it’s time to tell the post office how many boxes you have to pick up.

Click on the number of boxes being picked up.


Note: The post office rule here is in order to get free post office pick-up you MUST have at least one package going out as Priority Mail.  


At this point, the Post Office would like to know how heavy your boxes are in total.


Under“Pick up Summaryclick in the box that prompts, “Estimate the total weight” and enter the combined weight of all your boxes.


Don’t forget to click on the Terms of Agreement box 

You’re Almost done!

Your next step is to click on Schedule A Pickup icon.



You did it!  Way to go!

You will now see the phrase “ Your pick up has been scheduled”.

On this last page, you will also see a confirmation number of your transaction.

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