How To Register with the USPS In Less Than 10 Minutes

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How to Schedule a Free USPS Package Pickup Right At Your Front Door

So you have your labels printed and attached to all your boxes.  Your ready to have USPS pick up your packages.  But wait, do you have a login and password to get into the USPS website?

If your answer is no then simply follow the quick 8 steps below to register on the USPS website to get started.

1:  Go to the USPS website

2:  Click on the word “Register(Located a the top right corner of the screen.)

3:  Click on “sign up now”. (Located on the right of the screen.)

4:  Enter the following requested information:

                                                                        ~ Choose your language (Pulldown)

                                                                        ~ Username (create one here)

                                                                        ~ Pick a password (create one here)

                                                                        ~ Re-type your chosen password

                                                                                                         ~ Choose two security question

5:  Choose your type of account:

                                                                        Personnel account

                                                            Business account

6. Enter your contact information

7. Find your home address. Click on “verify my address”

8. Click on ” Create My Account”


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