How to Print A Shipping Label From eBay

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If you decide to sell on eBay shipping can get time-consuming.   I found trying to keep up with the weekly trips to the post office was a challenge to my schedule.  I discovered it was much easier to use eBay’s online shipping labels. Printing labels at home not only saved me money on each label but valuable time.   It cost considerably less to purchase shipping labels online that to purchase your shipping at the post office.

To make things easy, below are the steps needed to purchase and print a shipping label right eBay.

1:  Go to the eBay website and click on my eBay.

2:  scroll down and click on the word “sell(Located a the left column of the screen.) 

3:  Click on the word “sold”.  Find the item you would like to ship.

4:  Click on the blue box entitled “ Print Shipping Label” next to your item.

print shipping label

5:  On the next screen eBay needs some more information about your package.

Scroll over and check:

~ Package size

~Package weight

package size

Make any changes needed.  If changes were entered click on the word “Update”

6:  Click on “ Purchase and Print Label”.

7:  At this point, eBay will automatically have you log into Paypal.

Log into your PayPal account.

paypal login

8:  Now PayPal would like to know how you want to pay for your shipping label.

You can pay by credit card or what I do is choose to pay with my PayPal balance.

7: Once logged into Paypal and you have choosen a way to pay for your postage you will then be redirected back to your shipping label.

8:  Click on the “ Print” button to print your label.

print button with label PM


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