You could win 2 AMC Movie ticket just for entering.

How it works:

Take a look at the antique below.  Do you know what it what it was used for in the past?  Enter and take your best educated guess of exactly what you think this item was used for at one time. TO WIN just give us your guess. You don’t have to be right, you just need to enter.

Montly winners:

A NEW item will be posted each month. This means you have a chance to win 12 times this year!   One entry per month.  Names will be choosen at random.




Discription/ Clue:

Made of thick steel I bought a lot of 6 of these at an estate sale. Honestly I have no idea what they are.  They are about 4 inches long and the circle part moves and clamps tight and folds up tot he long bar tightly.  Any ideas?  Do these go into the ground?  Are they door handles? Enter your guess below.




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