A Great Outdoor Cube To Store My Shipping Packages.

I have figured a way to have my mail carrier come to my door and get my prepaid mail packages for my customers.  PERFECT!!!    What could go wrong?


Leaving the packages outside on my porch for pick-up can be a problem.

Rain! Theft! Also, living in New England dare I say the word?  SNOW!

If I leave my packages out on my porch a whole new set of issues arise.  I took to Amazon for a solution.  


The Ketler 55 Gallon Outdoor Rattan Storage cube at $69.00. Funny I did not even skip a beat to pay the $70 for the piece of mind that may package will now be safe.  I ordered the item online the same day.



Two days later my shipment arrives. The shape of the box screams assembly required.  For anyone that knows me ( yes I’m talking to you Jim) knows I am not skilled in assembly.  However, I was determined to put this together myself.



I got out my sticky notes and labeled every part.  The sides go on easy with some strong clicks.  The hinges ( which I put in backward- again thanks for the help Jim) goes on with just a few screws.

The Review

I simply love it. It looks fantastic on my porch.  It’s pouring out today and as you can see from the photos below however, my cube is weather tight.  Not a drop inside that large 55-gallon cube.

I’m thrilled I’ve made a sale out of my Etsy shop this morning so once I package it all up all I need to do is put it into my new cube outside my door and enter in my request for a post office pick-up.  Problem Solved!   No need to stop at the post office today.





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